3 PL Rates

S.No Details Rate Comments
A. Inbound (Full Container - FCL) - Unloading Floor Loaded Container with cartons
A.1 Container - 40 ft $400.00 -
A.2 Container - 20 ft $250.00 -
B. Inbound Pallet: Size - 48"(L) x 40"(w) x 48" (H) - TL/LCL/LTL
B.1 Inbound pallet - One (1) SKU $10.00 per pallet
B.2 With multiple SKU $1.00 per carton
C. Inbound Parcel/Carton
C.1 Inbound parcel/carton (not to exceed 40 lb) bu Courier (DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS) - ONE SKU $5.00 per carton 1 SKU per carton
C.2 With multiple SKUs $1.00 per SKU If multiple SKU in one carton
C.3 Return and Inspection - Standard visual inspection & return to stock $3.00 per item
D. Storage (per month)
D.1 Pallet: Size - 48"(L) x 40"(w) x 48" (H) $10.00 per pallet/month
D.2 Greater than Standard Pallet Size $20.00 per pallet/month 50" x 50" x 48"
D.3 Carton (size not to exeed 40 lb) - One SKU $1.00 per month
E. FBA/Outgoing Preparation - B2C
E.1 Pick and pack - per order $3.00 per order
E.2 Pick and pack - per item $1.00 per item Comments
E.3 FNSKU Labeling $0.10 per label
E.4 Bundling $0.50 each item Carton cost extra
E.5 Poly bagging $0.50 each bag Carton cost extra
E.6 Fragile wrapping $1.00 per item wrapping
E.7 Master Case preparation $0.25 per item One (1) SKU per carton
E.8 Master Carton Forwarding $1.00 per 1 lb Example 25 lbs = $5.00
F. Outgoing B2B (using EDI/API/FTP Connection)
F.1 Order Entry $2.50 per order Carton cost extra
F.2 Parcel/Carton $1.00 each
F.3 Standard Pallet $10.00 per pallet Pallet Preparation will be extra
G. Additional Services
G.1 Pallet Fee to supply standard empty pallet $7.00 per pallet
G.2 Stretch-wrap fee $4.00 per pallet
G.3 Print label - Shipping $0.50 per label
G.4 Print packing list $0.10 per packing list
G.5 Inbound/Outbound BOL or Shipping Documents $5.00 per transport
G.6 Supplies and Packaging Cost + 20% like cartons, polybag
G.7 Account Maintenance Fee $150.00 per month